Aneesha- My Elephant Love

Aneesha- The name that tell tales in my heart recalling the sweet memories we had together. She presented me with the best honour a human could receive from an elephant- her trust and unconditional love.

I always had such a loving relationship with almost all animals in my life, she left a lasting impression in my heart that no one else did. She came into my life as a divine flow of energy that changed the course of my life altogether. She had been such a mesmerising being who I truly fell for.

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A Random Act of Kindness



This is about something positive that happened to me on 8th March 2016. And it’s special as  it came from an unexpected person, at such an unexpected time  and place. I thought it would be nice to  share this positive story  with my readers and followers to brighten up their day as well, so I am writing this.

The day didn’t really go the way I expected and was actually having a bad day- it was all until that one random act of kindness.


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