Battling the Odds Against Wolf Reintroduction


Now that they’re endangered, the wolf has become as much a symbol as an animal. From folk tales like Little Red Riding Hood to dramatized stories of mass cattle-killing, many people want the wolf out of the lands where scientists have reintroduced them. In an excerpt of Brenda Peterson?s book Wolf Nation over at The Morning Newsthe author follows captive-bred Mexican gray wolves from a Washington sanctuary to their release site in New Mexico. What she finds is grace and determination among one of nature’s most maligned but majestic creatures, and she examines the powerful network of political and economic interests battling over wolf recovery.

The struggle between state and federal wildlife agencies over the Mexican wolf recovery continues. The Center for Biological Diversity urges that New Mexico should “extricate itself from the state politics driven by the livestock industry, stop removing wolves from the wild, release five more…

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Being Vegan


At the end of 2011 I went vegan.  Having been a vegetarian since birth I was surprised to discover that giving up dairy was such a big step for me; but it was a step I had to make, as I was becoming a vegan for ethical reasons. While transitioning into a vegan diet, the craving for milk products was the biggest challenge I had to overcome. However, whenever I struggled, I remembered the animals that were suffering when I consumed dairy products, simply to please my taste buds. This made me feel guilty and that is how I got over my craving for dairy products, and evolved into a vegan. It is scary how addictive dairy products can be.

Going vegan was the best decision that I have ever made. Going vegan not only helps the animals, but also the environment, plus it is very beneficial to one’s health.


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UK’s Nuclear obsession and the profound dangers that comes along

The UK is already paying the price for re-electing the Tories back to power!
Here comes the worse……..
Tories now have a dangerous obsession of nuclear power welcoming the French and the Chinese hands with red carpet and beautifying the nuclear plants to “attract” support and “distract” public, while Cameron repeatedly shuts door for renewable energy!
* The “special obsession” of Cameron & co. with the Chinese investment in nuclear power plants across the UK.…
* One of the the biggest threat- The Hinkley nuclear power plant!

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Adayar Estuary: Restoration or Beautification?

Tamil Nadu government has spent over 600 million rupees (over 9,000,000 US dollars)  on Adayar estuary restoration, still the pollution continues, why? We’ll see…

Before we begin, let’s first see what an estuary is.
Estuary- a place where river or rivers flows into the sea. Estuaries are home to unique plants and animals that have adapted to brackish water—a mixture of fresh water that flows in and the salty sea water, and salinity level varies from time to time depending on low tides and high tides. They are nursery grounds and feeding grounds for various birds, animals, insects and other marine life forms, making them one of the most fertile ecosystems in the world. Also, they are source of livelihood and economical centres for the coastal communities. Continue reading “Adayar Estuary: Restoration or Beautification?”

Mercury pollution at Kodaikannal is spreading, warn experts

26 November 2015
 Chennai, India : Multidisciplinary panel of experts warn that the mercury pollution is rapidly spreading 360 degrees from Unilever’s mercury thermometer factory.

Dr. Jagdish Krishnaswamy, a forest hydrologist, said, “Mercury is a transcend pollutant, which means the pollution can go beyond its range and can spread across geographically.”

He warned that the mercury pollution has already begun to spread across in all directions and could be spreading to more places.

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Alarming pollution at the Eliot’s beach: Who’s the culprit?

IMG-20151030-WA0037[1]30 October 2015
 Chennai, India : The sea suddenly became alarmingly polluted causing alarm among the public and the fishing community, around 5:30 on Friday evening at Besant Nagar Eliot’s beach.

The incident happened right after a vessel came close to the sea and left, causing panic among the general public and fishermen.

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