Poteter fritter (Potato Fritters)

This is the first food post on my blog site, a bilingual one at it – Norwegian and English.

Dette er mitt første matinnlegg på bloggnettstedet mitt. Dette blir et tospråklig innlegg, engelsk og norsk.
Jeg har skrevet den norske versjonen først, etterfulgt av den engelske versjonen 😉
Hvorfor? Jeg elsker norsk 😍😜

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Plastic Crisis: An overview of Dr.Katharine Owens’ workshop

Plastic is rampant everywhere. Its a legitimate threat to our planet and to everyone’s future. It has found a way to sneak into the deepest parts of our oceans and further into outer space, killing thousands of lives along the way. And who is the responsible for this? Of course we humans are. With climate change gaining phase, its important we take action on all fronts. If we don’t act soon enough, there will be no turning back. Its an urgent crisis already, adding a feather on cap to the climate change crisis.

Concerned citizens, activists, scientists, students, teachers and professors are addressing the issue on their respective platforms and using the ways they could think of.

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Aneesha- My Elephant Love

Aneesha- The name that tell tales in my heart recalling the sweet memories we had together. She presented me with the best honour a human could receive from an elephant- her trust and unconditional love.

I always had such a loving relationship with almost all animals in my life, she left a lasting impression in my heart that no one else did. She came into my life as a divine flow of energy that changed the course of my life altogether. She had been such a mesmerising being who I truly fell for.

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Halloween Horrors are Just Another Day in the Meat Industry

This is a very insightful article about the horrors of meat industry written by my dear friend Barbara LaRue. Its too good not to reblog. She is a passionate vegan activist and an amazing writer.

Mercy for all Animals


I love Halloween, and I know most people love it, too.

Maybe it’s the fact that on this one night we can let our freak out. 😀

We dress up to become someone or something entirely different than our usual selves and we gorge on candy and scare ourselves with tales of torture, scenes of horror, and images of death and darkness.

We do this as humans, of course, because it’s all harmless fun and it also allows us to face our worst fears and laugh them off.

Not so for the animals we raise for food, fur and entertainment.

These animals face horrors every single day of their miserable lives.

It’s standard operating procedure in the animal exploitation business.

They are beaten, intensely confined, violently slaughtered.

Factory farms and abattoirs are true houses of horror.

Don’t take my word for it–do the research yourself. My films section is a…

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Social conditioning and exploitation of lives – A reality check

In this materialistic world, there is a system in place that controls almost everything we do. It programmes us on what to think,  what to see, what to do and who to love, and who to hate.

It  makes people believe that it’s alright to see animals as commodities as humans are the most dominant species in the world, although we are not.

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Former Goat Dairy Farm Turns into Sanctuary and Educational Center

Mercy for all Animals

Goat Sanctuary founder with goat (Broken Shovels).png Andrea Davis and friend at Broken Shovels Farm

Stubborn resistance crumbles in the face of undeniable truth, as one former goat farmer discovered firsthand.

As F.A.R.M. (Farm Animal Rights Movement) reports:

“Despite setting out with the best intentions—aiming for the most “humane” goat cheese farm possible, owner Andrea Davis soon came to realize there was truly no such thing as humane animal farming practices.

After witnessing ongoing and extremely stressful separation anxiety between moms and babies (because in order for us to use their milk for cheese or other products the babies can’t be allowed to consume it of course), among other inherent cruelties in the business, she decided to turn her farm into The Sanctuary School at Broken Shovels Farm.

It will be an educational center for veganism and a forever home for many former dairy farmed goats as well as other animals like chickens, cats, and dogs.

“I came…

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Battling the Odds Against Wolf Reintroduction


Now that they’re endangered, the wolf has become as much a symbol as an animal. From folk tales like Little Red Riding Hood to dramatized stories of mass cattle-killing, many people want the wolf out of the lands where scientists have reintroduced them. In an excerpt of Brenda Peterson?s book Wolf Nation over at The Morning Newsthe author follows captive-bred Mexican gray wolves from a Washington sanctuary to their release site in New Mexico. What she finds is grace and determination among one of nature’s most maligned but majestic creatures, and she examines the powerful network of political and economic interests battling over wolf recovery.

The struggle between state and federal wildlife agencies over the Mexican wolf recovery continues. The Center for Biological Diversity urges that New Mexico should “extricate itself from the state politics driven by the livestock industry, stop removing wolves from the wild, release five more…

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But Why Not Dairy?

This is beautiful piece written by my friend Barbara Larue. Thought I would reblog the same for raising awareness among my followers and for them to spread the word out. Together we stand for animals.

Mercy for all Animals

mom and baby cow snuggles_1073febad64ef4c66b9105729f08401dIt’s a fair and often heard question, one I had myself several years ago.

“I like my cheese/ice cream/milk, etc. and besides they don’t kill the cows for their milk”.

That’s what’s normally expressed when someone wonders why people go vegan instead of simply vegetarian (vegan excludes all animal products and vegetarian excludes meat).

The heartbreaking truth is that dairy cows suffer intensely from an industry that exploits them mercilessly.

It all begins with the calf being born to cause the cow to give milk for her baby.

Because man has become accustomed to using the milk meant for the calf, the natural process of a mother nurturing her young is violated, with the baby being taken from the mother either immediately upon birth or shortly thereafter, much to the mother’s grief, anger and sorrow.

The mom will call for her calf and try to search for it, and her…

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Thank you all for your continued support

Hi everyone,

I have been away for quite a while now. Just wanted to let you all know I’m doing well and getting back on track with writing. Before I write anything else, I just wanted to post this thank you note for all my followers, visitors and viewers. Being said that, my heartfelt thanks to you all for the continued support. Thank you so much. Continue reading “Thank you all for your continued support”