Aneesha- My Elephant Love

Aneesha- The name that tell tales in my heart recalling the sweet memories we had together. She presented me with the best honour a human could receive from an elephant- her trust and unconditional love.

I always had such a loving relationship with almost all animals in my life, she left a lasting impression in my heart that no one else did. She came into my life as a divine flow of energy that changed the course of my life altogether. She had been such a mesmerising being who I truly fell for.

Being with her, I got a glimpse of her world that she let me see. Whenever we spent time together away from other humans, I always felt her soul communicating with mine. It was such bliss! Words can’t describe how fortunate I had been to have earned her trust and love.

She kept following me wherever I went; She had always been such a docile elephant as far as I have seen, except for that fine day when she rushed to my aid thinking I was in trouble. And I had to turn around and stand as the only barrier between the person she misunderstood and her wild side that was waiting to be unleashed. She stood for me as though I was one of her kind, I felt deeply touched by her gesture.

And she stopped the moment she realised that I’m alright as I turned around to stop her. We just stood in silence, locking eyes as our souls communicated. I broke the silence by stepping forward to gently hugged and caressed her, as she purred expressing her love the elephant way.

Leaving her behind was one of the hardest decision I ever made in life. Although life goes on, not a day goes without me thinking of her whilst missing her presence around. She left such a lasting impression in my heart and soul. She must have missed me too. Poor girl!

Behold! For goodness sake, she has a new friend now; A friend from her own kind. She finally gets to be with another elephant who she can bond with, just the way she deserved to be. They were meant to be together, and they are now together as soulsisters. Merry times their way!

Much love to them both and big thanks to their rescuers who united them.

With gratitude,

HJ Srikanth

15 thoughts on “Aneesha- My Elephant Love

  1. N

    What a sweet story 💚 where did you meet her? Now that you know how to communicate with animals, you can still continue to stay in touch with her thru soul communication. Stay blessed, dear 🙏

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  2. Divya

    She must be missing you too.

    Never knew that elephants can connect so well to humans. We usually think only cats and dogs can respond to humans. But a lot of animals love to build bonds with humans. Some people are surprised to hear about my roosters wanting to be near me. They thought roosters are not capable of recognizing humans.


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