Harambe-the gorilla who paid with his life for human negligence

Harambe, a western lowland silverback gorilla was shot dead by Cincinnati zoo officials to ‘’rescue’’ a 3-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla’s enclosure.

They could have diverted Harambe’s attention and  rescued the boy, or they could have  tranquilized him, instead the park officials chose to shoot and kill.

The gorilla did nothing other than  protecting the child the whole time,  but was misunderstood by the authorities who had no clue about primate behaviour.



While the poor Gorilla lost his life for no fault of his, the mother of the child got away with child neglect.  The zoo authorities too got away with murder with an excuse of protecting the child. If we see the bigger picture, it’s the zoo who is at fault big time.



This is nothing but another case of speciesism, where human life is regarded more valuable than animal life. It’s an absolute injustice to the poor gorilla.


Captivity kills

(Courtesy : CompassionWorks International)

The picture above sums it up right about what happened, and what still continues to  happen, it will stop only when we learn to respect other lives as well.

We humans must realise that animals are not here for our amusement, they deserve to be wild and free. Zoos are nothing but prisons to them. Justice will be done only when all cages are empty and all animals are free.

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20 thoughts on “Harambe-the gorilla who paid with his life for human negligence

  1. Nita Smith

    Good work HJ, there are others who should have been accountable in this incident, not the gorilla. Too many stories are coming up about children getting into animal enclosures, in this case, the child scaled a 5ft fence and whilst young children are very quick to dart off and need to have constant supervision, this child had both parents in attendance so surely one of them should have kept a closer watch over his actions. The sad fact is that for the animal in question, they might as well have taken a gun to his head the day he was caged. These tragedies should never be happening but on a positive note I only hope they serve as symbols to highlight the sorry plight of animals kept in captivity, not for educational purposes or even for conservation, but for the only thing that humans appear to understand ie money and self gratfication.

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  2. gina wright

    I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Harambe. Words failed me as nothing seemed to be done to put measures in place to get the lad out without causing the gorillas death. It seemed to me the easy optioin was taken. The other vital question was why did the parents not get prosecuted as if youy know you are going into a place that houses wildlife you make sure your child or children are watched and some restraint be used if the child is known to wander off. It was very wrong to:
    1. take the gorilla from the wild in the first place.
    2. not take enough safety precautuoins
    3 .not prosecute the parents
    4. shoot to kill

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  3. Trigger happy Americans. I feel so sorry for Harambe and the rest of his gorilla family who must be grieving his loss. He was protecting the child and was no danger to him. I am sure he would have let the keepers take the child from him when he realised they were going to help the boy. The people who decided to kill Harambe should be punished for their actions and lack of understanding of gorillas and the parents should be punished for child neglect. There was a similar occurrence a few years ago in Durrell Wildlife Conservation Centre in Jersey when a boy fell into the gorilla enclosure and was severely injured. The dominant male Jambo quickly realised the boy was injured and protected him from the other gorillas and comforted him until the keepers came into the enclosure. He realised that they had good intentions for the boy and let them take the boy away for treatment. The gorilla was hailed as a hero and a statue was erected at the Centre to commemorate his humane actions after he died of natural causes a few years later. This is a tragedy that should s have happened. Surely the keepers could have tranquilized the gorilla rather than shoot him with a live bullet if they felt that the gorilla would not give the child up. I hope lessons will have been learnt about how perceptive animals – both wild and domestic – are. The only sure time that they are aggressive is if you get between a mother and her offspring or if carnivores are hungry.

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    1. Yes it’s such a shame 😦 I totally agree, those happy trigger authorities must be charged with murder! Oh interesting to know about Jambo, thanks for sharing. Thanks exactly what Harambe would have done too if he hadn’t been killed. Exactly even if they felt the otherwise they could have simply tranquilized, no reason to take a precious life.
      That’s so true what you mentioned regarding the situations animals get aggressive. I bet these authorities have no understanding of either nature nor animals. As you said, happy trigger people they are! Shame on them


  4. Bev Cantley

    I’m with you all. It is heart breaking that animals are deemed not as important as humans. Why? Because they cannot speak. If Harambe could have spoken would they have murdered him?

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  5. M

    All zoos should be replaced by sanctuaries. Had Harambe not been captive in a zoo, this would never have happened. The zoo was negligent in the fact that it is foreseeable that a parent will be distracted for a short time at some point during a visit. Therefore the zoo was negligent to not have proper protection to shield a child’s entry into the cage of a gorilla. The zoo was negligent to not have more knowledge about the proclivities of a gorilla–that it was more likely than not a case of Harambe’s desire to protect the child–esp. with the shouts of the crowd going on. I can see not taking a chance here, but I am angry that there was not some sort of sedative that could have been shot into Harambe. I do not think the zoo even had a quicker plan to take more immediate action to sedate Harambe.

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    1. Yes I agree, it was more of the zoo’s fault that the parent’s fault. Ye I do agree that all zoos must be turned into sanctuaries, animals that can be released in the wild should be, and the rest should be able to spend their lives in sanctuaries, rather than in prisons (zoos)


  6. Tanja Wedmann

    The truth is simple: Man stands over everything !!!
    He takes what he wants, destroyed and claims the right to decide over life and death.
    That will never change!
    This planet would be better off without us humans !!!

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  7. Maureen Nolan

    All animals in a zoo are captives. All zoo animals should be sent to sanctuaries. As far as this case, I think it was Herb Gura who nailed it: It was foreseeable that a parent will at some point during the visit be briefly distracted. The zoo must adequately prepare the cages of its captives to be foolproof in not letting a child fall into the pit. There is a duty of the zoo prisons to do that. Herb stated this a lot better than I just did.

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