India against speciesism: A march for animal liberation

Chennai : Animal rights activists across 7 Indian cities marched for animal liberation with an aim to create awareness among general public. In Chennai, over 50 animal right activists marched  at Elliot’s Beach in Besant Nagar on Sunday evening.

1482880_1041997032513176_1681156543621684446_nThe invitation that was posted on Facebook inviting activists and vegans across Chennai to participate in the march (Courtesy: Preethi Raghav)


This was the second “India against Specisism” pan-India march.

The main purpose of the march is to make people realise the way our day-to-day choices cause animal exploitation.

“Have you ever thought that to get that packet of milk every morning, a dairy cow is sexually exploited?”,  asks Preethi Raghav, one of the coordinators of the march in Chennai.

“Dairy cows live 25 years but  survive only up to five years, because they are kept constantly pregnant to provide more milk. If a human faced the same treatment, it would be nothing short of rape,” she further stated.

The activists used banners, pamphlets, and even screened videos to create awareness among the general public.

(Photo Courtesy: Mohammad Adil)

Apart from making people aware of animal exploitation, they also spoke to  people on how a change in lifestyle could save a lot of animals, save the environment and also could benefit their own health, and gave them a talk on a vegan lifestyle.
Information on the various dairy and meat alternatives were mentioned in the pamphlets that were given  out.  It also had  messages from various vegetarian and vegan celebrities.

Cover pictures of the pamphlet.

The activists have also planned to create more awareness by reaching out to school children, college students and the working class.

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17 thoughts on “India against speciesism: A march for animal liberation

  1. Shannon duffy

    Well done everybody great idea… Now the awareness is coming and the celebrities wish to help? Go for it and end the inhumane killing and treatment of all animals.
    Thank u fer being their voice

    Liked by 1 person

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    1. First of all, thanks for mentioning my blog post in your blog. Yes I’m an activist and also a journalist. The new Indian express covered the march, but they mentioned that the march is a speciesist march whilst the march was against speciesism. Wish they could have written better. But glad they covered it. And regarding you, I am glad you came for the march, and thanks for being the change. Once again, Thanks for sharing.


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