A Random Act of Kindness



This is about something positive that happened to me on 8th March 2016. And it’s special as  it came from an unexpected person, at such an unexpected time  and place. I thought it would be nice to  share this positive story  with my readers and followers to brighten up their day as well, so I am writing this.

The day didn’t really go the way I expected and was actually having a bad day- it was all until that one random act of kindness.


This is what happened- I was having a bad day, and was returning back home late around 22:00. I was waiting for the bus to come, but no sign of the bus whatsoever.. It was after all the connecting bus from the main road to my area. It was pretty late than the usual, I could understand. But the bus didn’t come for over  20 minutes. I was still looking down the road hoping for the bus to come and was slowly losing hope and had almost decided to go on foot, then I thought I could wait for another ten minutes and see if the bus comes.

That’s when someone rode their bike and stopped right in front of me.

It was disabled bloke came on his ‘special’ bike. Until he stopped right in front of me, I didn’t even notice him. I almost had a lump down by throat, as I was utterly stunned and  clueless.

I was just staring at him.  And he just starred back and smiled at me.

For over 10 seconds I was just starring at him, and was wondering who he was.

He broke the ice and said, he stopped by to give me a lift home.

Only then I came back to my sense and realised who he was. I actually know this bloke!

He has a grocery store down the street from my home. I used to smile at him every time.

I got on his bike, after few moments of silence he started talking.

He said he went to purchase some stock for his store and was returning back, that’s when he saw me standing at the bus stop, so he stopped by to give me a lift home!

He further stated that he didn’t know my name, and I was looking at the other direction, that’s why he came in front of me to show himself.  I said to myself, bless his heart. And I thanked him for his kindness.

That kind gesture from an unexpected person at such an unexpected juncture just made my day.

As we reached my home, I thanked him again with heartfelt gratitude just to be greeted back by a big smile from ear to ear and left for his store. Bless his heart.

We never know how one random act of kindness could just change our day.


Courtesy : The Truth about Kindness



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