India against speciesism: A march for animal liberation

Chennai : Animal rights activists across 7 Indian cities marched for animal liberation with an aim to create awareness among general public. In Chennai, over 50 animal right activists marched  at Elliot’s Beach in Besant Nagar on Sunday evening.
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A Random Act of Kindness



This is about something positive that happened to me on 8th March 2016. And it’s special as  it came from an unexpected person, at such an unexpected time  and place. I thought it would be nice to  share this positive story  with my readers and followers to brighten up their day as well, so I am writing this.

The day didn’t really go the way I expected and was actually having a bad day- it was all until that one random act of kindness.


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Being Vegan


At the end of 2011 I went vegan.  Having been a vegetarian since birth I was surprised to discover that giving up dairy was such a big step for me; but it was a step I had to make, as I was becoming a vegan for ethical reasons. While transitioning into a vegan diet, the craving for milk products was the biggest challenge I had to overcome. However, whenever I struggled, I remembered the animals that were suffering when I consumed dairy products, simply to please my taste buds. This made me feel guilty and that is how I got over my craving for dairy products, and evolved into a vegan. It is scary how addictive dairy products can be.

Going vegan was the best decision that I have ever made. Going vegan not only helps the animals, but also the environment, plus it is very beneficial to one’s health.


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