Sailing through the storm, in the walk of life



He looks like an average Joe.

He’s care-free; enjoys life with no regret; He’s weird; He’s naive —these are the common
assumptions made of him.

But, who is he for real? What he has to say about his life? Does he have a hidden past? Does he have any turning points in life?

“Turning point or not, I have lot to say, story of my life,” says Nakshatra Pain.

“And I don’t care what people think of me, I just live my life with no regrets.”

There was a time when life has been a smooth sail, he recalls.

“I topped in school, excelling in both academics and sports.”

“Those were golden days” he recalls.

Happy as a clam, he entered 11th grade with so much confidence and with an aspiration to
become an engineer.

He recalls, his dad saying, the more he progresses, the more will be expected of him.

He felt the puzzled and wondered why his dad was trying to exert pressure on him even when he’s already doing well in studies. Even though he felt the pressure, he didn’t take his dad’s word seriously.

“I was doing well already, so I thought I could get away with minimum efforts and last minute struggle, still get good grades.”

Little that he knew, his happy days at school were numbered.

His minimum effort game plan worked to some extent and he graduated from high school, but his grades weren’t good enough to enter any reputed engineering college, to his disappointment.

“I was very disappointed and couldn’t believe myself, how it ended up.  That made me gives up on my engineering dreams.”

That’s when a less known Bachelors of Comparative literature at Jadhavpur University,
caught his eye. He thought he would have better scope in it, and enrolled for the same, only to find that its wasn’t his cup of tea.

Stress, depression and anxiety took toll on his health. He gained weight too.

His weight gain deemed him unfit to take part in any outdoor sports or to join the Indian army or  the Indian air force, as he wanted to.

He couldn’t fit in anywhere he wanted to.

“I stood clueless in the middle of nowhere.”

Then, a family friend suggested that he take up journalism.

She  gave him a list of top colleges to apply to, and he chose Asian College of Journalism, applied and was accepted.

He traveled from Kolkata, his hometown to Chennai, now aspiring to be a journalist.

Nakshatra wasn’t very happy during his initial days at college. He took his time to fit in.  He eventually lost a few pounds, as the stress and anxiety started to wear off.

As time flew by, Nakshatra rekindled his love for sports and concentrated more on writing for sports. He wrote one article for ‘Sportskeeda’ and  several articles for ‘’, focusing on football (soccer).

“For the first time in life, I’m having a turning point for good, and I’m happy about that.”

“I’m glad about the recognition. It’s a moral boast, after all I went through.”

He’s looking forward to write more in future.

nakshatra byline
His story is a proof that every Joe has a story behind, as unique as anyone else, not so average as one might assume. Each person is as unique as they can be, in their own way; so is Nakshatra Pain.

With the lessons learned from the storm in his walk of life, and with the newfound positive boast, he’s sailing forward with hope for a bright future.


4 thoughts on “Sailing through the storm, in the walk of life

  1. orangutan56

    Yes we are all unique. Best wishes for the future for Nakshatra Pain, and everyone else finding what they want to do with their lives.


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