Children: the underrated victims

Whenever a calamity happens, children are one of the most vulnerable, and their suffering is mostly underrated, just like how  non-human beings are underrated.


Recent flood situation in  the state of Tamil Nadu is no exemption. Cuddalore is one of the most affected district, alongside Chennai. While the State Capital Chennai has recovered, Cuddalore is still far from recovery.

Periyakattupalayam, a village in Cuddalore is one of the most affected during the devestating flood.
And closer by a wild stream, away from the main village lives the people who are considered as untouchables as they are from Scheduled caste.
While most of the villagers complain about crop damage, these people are the ones who lost their livlihood as a whole, some lives too. Living at the banks of the stream made them more vulnerable.

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