Children: the underrated victims

When a natural calamity strikes, for a country like India, children are one of the most vulnerable, yet their suffering is mostly underrated.

The recent flood situation in the state of Tamil Nadu is no exemption. Cuddalore is one of the most affected district, alongside Chennai. While the State Capital Chennai has recovered, Cuddalore is still far from recovery.

Periyakattupalayam, a village in Cuddalore was one of the most affected regions during the devestating flood.
Among the villagers are a section of people who are forced to live by the banks of a stream. They are forbidden from entering the main village as they are being considered untouchables.

There were medical camps set up by the government to aid to the ones physically injured. But the mental toll it took on them stays overlooked. Ans the children were the most vulnerable to mental trauma.

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