Alarming pollution at the Eliot’s beach: Who’s the culprit?

IMG-20151030-WA0037[1]30 October 2015
 Chennai, India : The sea suddenly became alarmingly polluted causing alarm among the public and the fishing community, around 5:30 on Friday evening at Besant Nagar Eliot’s beach.

The incident happened right after a vessel came close to the sea and left, causing panic among the general public and fishermen.

The Adayar river that drains into the sea, close by this beach is already highly polluted, but the incident happened right after an unknown vessel was seen near the shore, which rises the question whether the pollution has anything to do with the vessel

The Vessel returning back after coming so close to the coast

The Vessel being so close to the coast
According to an eyewitness, the sea was blue until the vessel came there, a few minutes after the vessel left the water turned olive green in colour and foam started appearing across the beach until the Adayar river mouth.

olive green water at the Eliot’s beach
The container vessel came around 30 to 40 minutes  right after the vessel left, the water turned  became alarmingly polluted, says Manavalan, a fisherman from Ururkuppam village.

Another fisherman Kumaran said “The (Adayar) river usually brings in lots of pollutants, but during this 6 to 7 months, more  pollution comes in as it rains, it could be the pollution from the river.But the water turned olive green only after the vessel left”

Despite the allegations, no one could confirm that the vessel dumping any pollutants.

Police  said, the vessel could have been dragged in towards the shore by currents, and they say the pollution is probably from the river, and its normal during the monsoon.


Where did this alarming pollution come from? The polluted river or the mysterious vessel?
What caused this alarming pollution, the polluted Adayar river or the container vessel? The question remains unanswered.



2 thoughts on “Alarming pollution at the Eliot’s beach: Who’s the culprit?

  1. Yvonne Egan

    That’s very worrying and they need to find out what is causing the pollution. It makes you wonder what’s in store for the future with all the pollution.


    1. Mostly the pollutants being dumped into the river is causing the pollution, but that particular day, its not sure whether its the vessel or the pollutants from the river.
      Yes I know, its terrible with all these pollution of course it makes one wonder what’s in store for future! Its indeed very sad


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